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Sea Sunday Celebration at the Mission in the Harbour.

Sea Sunday Celebration at the Mission in the Harbour.

Supporting the Work of the Sailors’ Society by Making a Bequest

We are appealing to friends and supporters of the work of the Sailors’ Society to consider making provision in their wills that will enable the Society to continue its work into the future.

As you probably aware, the Sailors’ Society assists needy seafarers visiting South African ports. We have done this work for over 136 years, starting in the Port of Durban. Today we extend a helping hand to seafarers in South Africa’s major ports – Cape Town, Durban, and Richards Bay. We are striving to extend our work to East London and Port Elizabeth.

The Sailors’ Society does its work based on Christian principles. Working from this foundation, we provide our services without distinction for rank, faith, denomination, ethnic background, or nationality. We assist at no charge to the seafarers from the 64 nations who make up the over 300 000 seafarers that visit South African ports each year.

We offer a wide range of services. Essentially our work involves improving the day-to-day lives of visiting seafarers. This in both a material and a spiritual sense.

Seafarers make up one of society’s largely invisible workforces. They have limited job security and benefits. This arises because of the structure of the shipping industry today. On occasion, they suffer when the ship they are on is arrested because of its owner’s debt. In cases like this, seafarers can spend months on board a ship, reliant on organisations such as our Society.

In recent years, the scourge of piracy has also placed a heavy burden on seafarers. The Sailors’ Society helps here as well with our specially trained chaplains providing trauma counselling when needed.

We ask that you consider making provision in you will which will assist us to continue helping needy seafarers visiting South Africa through our work at the Sailors’ Society. The documents you will need to arrange a bequest are attached to this letter.

Yours Sincerely

Barry Haley
Chairman of Sailors’ Society, South Africa

Bequest Letter



To add a bequest to The Sailors’ Society to your will, please complete the attached CODICIL TO MY WILL  . We recommend that you forward a copy of it to your lawyer or financial adviser for checking.

Please sign this codicil in front of two witnesses, neither of whom stands to benefit either from your Will or from this Codicil. Once it is completed, this Codicil should be kept together with your Will. Please keep it as a separate document though – not pinned, stapled or clipped to your Will.

Thank you for your gift to The Sailors’ Society. On behalf of the seafarers we assist, we acknowledge your kindness and generosity.


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