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During the course of various events to bring the work of the Sailors’ Society’s to the attention of members of the public and organisations, a plea for help often goes out.

However, so many ask “what do you need” – so here is a list of items and ideas. As you will see, nothing is very expensive and complicated.  Above all, some of the suggested items involve group activities which will bring about a better understanding of the vital work the Sailors’ Society does to help seafarers.

We call it our 12 POINT PLAN

1. Pray – for those ISS chaplains and members to continue with the outreach work, and of course for the seafarers.   No cost involved here.

2.  Knit gloves, beanies or scarves. Imagine being on a ship in icy weather.

3. Donate – Small items to fill toiletry bags which are used to give to seafarers who are victims of trauma and abuse, disasters at sea and accidents on board vessels. Also for those who have to be admitted to hospital.

4. What about starting an ISS support group? – call it the “Friends of the Seafarers”. Here 5 – 6 people can get together and meet to organise ways of collecting various items for the toiletry bags.  Some groups at retirement residences could get together to knit beanies and scarves to hand out to seafarers.

5. As Christmas approaches, the Sailors’ Society packs thousands of gifts to give to seafarers in port over this period.  We call it Share your Christmas with a Seafarer, SYCS. Remember these seafarers are far from home, and a gift, however small is a token that they have not been forgotten in a strange land.

6. Those who are active in church activities – why not approach your Minister to arrange one retiring offering per year to donate to the ISS.  The second Sunday in July, entitled Sea Sunday,  is dedicated to seafarers all over the world – that would be a most appropriate day for the retiring offering.

7. Adopt the Sailors’ Society as one of your mission outreaches

8. Consider leaving a bequest for the Sailors Society in your will.

9. Help us create an awareness. Those who are conversant with our work, just “spread the word” please.

10. Finally, as is the case with all non profit organisations, hard cash is always required. Remember no amount is too small – as we all know, all the amounts add up. Here are our Banking details.



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