We are looking for volunteers who will help us for an hour to two (or three) on 26 November when we gather at the Bayhead Mission to pack to Christmas Gifts for the seafarers.

This annual project which involves all the Missions has been in operation for over 30 years. The packed gifts are distributed to seafarers on ships in port over Christmas. Seafarers are far from home, away from their families and miss all the Christmas celebrations back home. To ensure that they are not forgotten, the Missions join forces and collect items which are wrapped and distributed to seafarers.

From donations which emanate from churches, individuals and various organizations mugs are purchased. Missions also have their loyal supporters who knit beanies, scarves, and fingerless gloves during the year and gather to help on Packing Day.

Please email Yvonne de Kock: yvonnedk@telkomsa.net