Congratulations to Chaplain Jessie John of the Sailors’ Society SA, Durban, who achieved her 500th ship visit in the Port of Durban on 3 January 2018.

Jessie started doing ship visits on 26 February 2014 which works out to be about 10 a month. Just think of all those gangways she has had to climb!

Recently Jessie and other chaplains participated in the share your Christmas with a Seafarer project where they delivered gifts to seafarers on vessels in port as well at outer anchorage!

Jessie loves her work and when congratulated on her achievement said: “God has been so good to me. He’s called … and He’s enabled.”

Many may not really know what it entails to do chaplaincy duties on board the vessels. It is not a case of just arriving alongside and having a quick call on board. It requires preparation and physical fitness as you will see from the article Jessie wrote.

We hope it will give some insight into this calling.