On 22 January the Sailors’ Society SA held their annual dedication service which is a highlight on the Sailors’ Society’s calendar. The service took place in the the Glenwood Presbyterian  Church, Durban, the Sailors’ Society ‘Mother Church’

At this service, chaplains as well as members of the Society re-dedicate themselves to continue serving seafarers and making their well-being their prime concern.  The service opened with a flag procession and the singing of the South African National Anthem. The Glenwood Presbyterian Choir once again led the congregation in song and participated by a beautiful rendition of the Anthem, Bless the Lord O  my soul.

This year, Rev. Pastor Paul Richardson, from the Baptist Church and a Sailors’ Society chaplain, led the worship and focused on how we are never alone when we experience the storms of life. Paul referred to  the disciples who were on the boat with Jesus on Lake Galilee when it was overwhelmed by a great storm and they were terrified. When they cried out, Jesus calmed the storm causing them to ask :

“Who then is this that He commands even wind and sea, and they obey Him?”

There are constant storms globally as well as in our daily lives.  May we be comforted by the knowledge the Lord is always with us, no matter what our ‘boat’ is.

After the service congregants met in the church hall for fellowship and refreshments.

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