At a dinner held in Cape Town recently, Steve van Schalkwyk, Sailors’ Society SA Executive Officer/Port Chaplain in Cape Town was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by Rev Karl Groepe of the Mission to Seafarers for his 8 years of service to the Mission and of course also to seafarers.

Service to seafarers comprises mission work done by the various missions and societies who combine to work for the seafarer. As the wording states, Steve has brought unsafe conditions and welfare problems to the attention of the authorities “to ensure the situation of the Seafarer is improved”.

That is what chaplaincy and mission work is all about – service and caring for the seafarer. Our grateful thanks to the Mission to Seafarers for this acknowledgement of the valuable work by one of our members, Steve van Schalkwyk.

May God bless and keep you to have many more years of “transforming seafarers’ lives at home, in port and at sea.”