Deaths and hunger strikes point to mental health crisis on stranded cruise ships

As tensions rise over failure to repatriate workers, plight of crews highlighted by the apparent suicide of a Ukrainian woman in Rotterdam.

Several deaths, a hunger strike and disturbances on board cruise ships have raised fresh concern about what crew members say is the deteriorating mental health of staff stranded aboard cruise ships still floating at sea.

A worldwide standoff between cruise companies and health authorities has left approximately 100,000 crew stranded at sea. Many have spent more than a month self-isolating in cabins, unable to leave, and have lost their jobs during the pandemic.

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Philippines recognizes Filipino seafarers as “key workers”

Manila – The Philippines fully supports the recognition of Filipino seafarers as “key workers” ensuring that ship crew changes can take place safely amid COVID-19 pandemic. This was in response to the statement of International Maritime Organization (IMO) Secretary-General Kitack Lim urging all the Member States to recognize all seafarers as “key workers” by removing any barriers to documentation and lifting travel restrictions.

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Stranded crew crisis is ticking time bomb for global trade

You may have read those Kafkaesque stories about seafarers marooned on cargo ships month after month, unable to go home at the end of their work contracts due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

You may have thought, “How unfortunate,” then turned your attention back to your own pressing business problems amid the pandemic.

A crisis for an Indian seafarer stuck on a Liberian-flagged ship because Indonesian authorities won’t allow passage to the airport may seem distant from the challenges of a U.S. cargo shipper struggling to restock his or her shelves with goods from China and Thailand as social distancing eases.

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Hotel identified as quarantine centre for seafarers

Indian seafarers seeking signing out after their ship’s anchorage in the port city will now have a choice with the authorities allowing a private hotel to operate as a quarantine centre with three star amenities on payment basis.

A team from quarantine committee comprising K. Padma Latha and Triveni after inspecting a hotel at Surya Bagh declared that it was fulfilling the the criteria for quarantine facility as per Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) recommended by the Union government.

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