Father and Son - Revs Boet and Steve van Schalkwyk.

Father and Son – Revs Boet and Steve van Schalkwyk.

This year, history was made when a father and son participated in an important event in the life of the Sailors’ Society held on 25 January. The Society’s  which has been held in the Glenwood Presbyterian Church for over 30 years was shared by the Rev. Boet van Schalkwyk, CEO of the Sailors’ Society, who led the service and his son, Rev. Steve van Schalkwyk, formerly of St. Columba’s Church, Parkview in Johannesburg.

During the sermon, Stephen reflected on some hair raising memories while visiting seafarers on ships with his dad while he was a student and on assignment at Rhodes University in Grahamstown

At this service, chaplains serving in the Society, as well as members, re-dedicate themselves to continue serving seafarers and making their well-being our prime concern.

The service commences with a flag procession and the singing of the South African National Anthem, Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika. (God bless Africa).
Prayers are not only offered for the Sailors Society but for the leaders of the country, those who man the world’s merchant marine and shipping fleets, our ports, the SA Navy, the National Sea Rescue Institute and Natal Sharks Board and their families.

The Chior

The Chior

Two of our Board members, Dr. Leonora Jackson and Rev. Ron Burgess did the Scripture readings.

A highlight was the participation of the S.A. Army Band who adds to the vibrant atmosphere by their skilled playing of the well known hymns. The Glenwood Presbyterian Choir completed the worship mix with their Anthem and choral singing. A most joyous service which is always well-attended.

Here are more photos of the Annual Dedication Service.