The Sailors’ Society SA recently hosted a fundraising breakfast with two completely contrasting talks.  The first from Pastor Paul Richardson who related his experiences of serving for 11 years with the Sailors’ Society.  Speaking from the heart he shared aspects of the important work covered by chaplains who serve seafarers in ports and on vessels.

Being a crew member on board can be a lonely life, which often results in psychological problems. Often they just need to talk to someone and chaplains are trained to give support.  Paul spoke of visiting those who are ill in hospitals and being in contact with their families far away to give reassurance. Over Christmas gifts are distributed which makes them feel that they are thought about.  “Transforming the lives of seafarers at home and at sea” is an appropriate motto.

The second talk was by journalist Chris Hoare, on the life of his father, the legendary ‘Mad Mike’ Hoare.

It was spellbinding stuff, as Chris related his numerous dangerous ‘adventures’, one more unbelievable than the next.

Multi-facetted, Mike was also a scholar of Shakespeare amongst others, and when his active career ended he turned to writing. Topics covered a broad spectrum, ranging from adventure, on being a Congo mercenary and the ‘Seychelles Affair’; to religion, a book on ‘The Last days of the Cathars’

Mike is the subject of an authoritative biography written by Chris Hoare, which was published last year.

Mad Mike Hoare: The Legend

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