Malcolm Wilson Act.Chairman, Rev Van Schalkwyk, David Hughes

Malcolm Wilson Act.Chairman, Rev Van Schalkwyk, David Hughes

At the well-attended April meeting of the Durban branch of the World Ship Society, Rev Van Schalkwyk addressed the audience on “Current movements in the piracy threat, and the Crisis Response Centre” which also included Trauma counselling .

By way of introduction he showed a short DVD on the background of the Sailors’ Society, after which Rev Van Schalkwyk emphasised the dire situations in which victims of piracy find themselves.

Drawing attention to the upsurge of hijackings of vessels in the Gulf of Guinea, he put across in graphic terms the threats these unfortunate seafarers are faced with. He then related details of the formation of the CRC in Durban which focuses on the provision for counselling by a team of 18 highly trained chaplains from South Africa, Mozambique, Reunion, Madagascar and Ghana.

Rev Van Schalkwyk was interviewed by a journalist and the article appeared in the media.

Thanks to the World Society and Secretary David Hughes for hosting us and having been given the opportunity of addressing interested audiences of the vital work of the Society and how, over a long period the Society is able to change with the fast moving times but yet still keep the welfare of the seafarer paramount.