flag of EgyptWithin the framework of the state efforts to confront escalation following the bombing which targeted the building of the Military Intelligence in Ismailia last Saturday, the Suez Canal Province witnessed an emergency meeting between Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority Admiral Mohamed Mamish, Commander of the Second Field Army Major General Ahmed Wassfi and commander of the Third Field Army Major General Ossama Askar with the aim of drawing up a new plan for securing the Suez Canal Authority and its facilities. During the meeting, an agreement was reached on introducing a new monitoring system for confronting the use of car bombs in blasts and toughening control on and inspection of unidentified cars.

The meeting discussed the possibility of establishing car parks far from the important buildings and facilities to abort any schemes targeting the navigation security of the vessels transiting the Canal.

Meantime, Chairman of the Red Sea Harbors Authority Major General Hassan Fallah said the movements of vessels at al-Adabeyya, Port Tewfiq, Sukhna and al-Zayteyyat harbours is fully secured during the entry into or exit from these harbours.

An official source at Suez Security Directorate said security measures have been tightened by the Third Field Army on all public, government and security facilities following the recent bombing in Ismailia.

A security official said confirmed prohibiting fishing in the bitter lakes at night for security reasons in view of the current conditions in the country. He said this decision aims at securing transiting vessels and putting an end to smuggling.

In a related development Director of Ismailia Security Major General Mohamed al-Anani, inspected the measures for securing the Suez Canal waterway, vital and strategic facilities affiliated to the Suez Canal Authority in coordination with the Second Field Army with the aim of securing world navigation in the Canal, prohibiting infiltration of terrorist elements from Sinai to the Canal cities against a background of the underway military operations in Sinai against terrorist and criminal hideouts.

Source: Egypt State Information Service