Rev Leta Mavombo, our chaplain from Nacala, reports on her chaplaincy duties.

Leta recently visited a container ship the KOTA NAZIN from Singapore. Although the seafarers on board were busy they took the time to talk to he and Leta took the opportunity of sharing information of the Sailors’ Society.  She was surprised to hear that it was the first time they had heard about the society.

They discussed their work and said that although they were busy, they enjoyed the work as it gave them the opportunity of seeing so many countries ‘from the sea”. But like so many seafarers, however, loneliness was a problem. Their families understood that the sacrifices they make result in having a better life.

They told Leta they felt happy as she lightened a situation on the ship which was difficult. She added that they would be able to find a Sailors’ Society chaplains in most ports who could lighten their load and to ask to see them if they do not see them.

Leta took the opportunity of asking the two seafarers to let other seafarers know about the chaplains.

 [Let us remember Leta in prayer for her safety as, according to reports, the Mozambican rebel movement Renamo attacked a coal train headed for the Port at Nacala.  There has been unrest in the area for some time and we think of her and her loved ones]