Jessie on board

Chaplain Jessie Johns with Captain Subhash Anchan onboard the Maersk Senang.


When chaplains go on board to call on crew, they often make friendships.

Jessie Johns visited the vessel the Maersk Senang. She experienced warm hospitality on board and was taken around the vessel.

Whilst on board, she met Captain Subhash Anchan who expressed the wish to visit to a game park to see the Big Five

Capt. Anchan was overjoyed to see the Big Five in Hluhluwe as is evident from his letter below”

Dear Jessie,

It was a pleasure to have you all on board and was great meeting you all in Durban.Thanks for remembering and maybe next time you should spend more time on the ship seeing the whole ship, I will be your personal guide.

I went to the game reserve. We were very lucky and managed to see all the Big 5 including 3 lions ….etc . I am so happy I went and had a brilliant experience of my life. I am sure there must be many more nice places to see in and around Durban which hopefully will do during my next trip.

Thanks again for the thoughtful gift you gave for my wife Jyoti. In case you ever come to Delhi do let me know will be very happy to help if you need any help.”

Warm regards, Subhash Anchan.