Two Egyptian news websites have further reports of so-called terrorist attempts on ships transiting the Suez Canal. Misr Al Youm and Veto report army forces in Kantara East region in Ismailia Governorate were able to arrest four “terrorist elements” who had hand made grenades which were set to be used on passing ships. Local authorities stressed that all possible forces were being deployed to keep the canal safe and open. The latest news follows last weekend’s targeting of the Cosco Asia by ‘terrorists’ on the Sinai side of the canal. Three people were apprehended for the attack.  US tanker analysts Mcquilling have issued a report on the repercussions of the canal being shut. “If there were any disruptions to transit through the Suez Canal, an additional 35 VLCCs would be required, under the assumption of a roundtrip voyage at 13 knots and five port days to these regions. Any such disruptions would not be limited to crude oil movements, and would impact a range of trades and vessel classes and tighten global tonnage availability. At present, Egypt is p roviding some 80,000 troops to ensure that security remains tight around the Suez Canal”, said Mcquilling in its report.

Source : Gulfshipnews