jessie  300th ship visitThe Sailors Society is very proud of Chaplain Paul Richardson and Ship Visitor Jessie Johns who regularly call on ships in the Port of Durban.

Paul recently visited his 900th ship after six years of chaplaincy.  During that time he has encountered so many different circumstances the seafarers find themselves in and has felt privileged to help.

Jessie started visiting ships in February 2014 and feels she has been calling on ships ‘forever’ and has also said she finds interfacing with the seafarers very fulfilling.

Bonds are formed with crew members and Jessie was touched when recently a ship’s captain remembered her birthday on Facebook!

20160707_153044 paul 900Both Jessie and Paul have experienced warm welcomes as so often the crews appreciate kindness, caring and people taking an interest in their lives. They spend such long spells at sea with their fellow colleagues as their only company. Hence a visit by chaplains means so much, especially when some of them have problems. Sharing time in prayer is uplifting and gives them hope.

Well done Jessie and Paul and may God bless you richly.

May you double or triple the number of ships you visit!