Please find below an update for the latest situation in Egypt related to all SC & Egyptian ports affairs.

– Nightime Curfew again shortened by two more hours => The Egyptian Government decided to decrease the curfew hours to become from 2300 hours (instead of 2100 hours) to 0600 hours every day except Fridays (to remain from 1900 hrs to 0600 hrs).

– Kindly be informed of the below incident (reported by Suez Canal Authority) bearing in mind that all activities in Suez Canal continue to remain operating normally:

“On Saturday August 31, 2013, a terrorist act was directed to traffic at the Suez Canal. The terrorists targeted one of the ships going through the waterway, M.V. COSCO ASIA, hoisting the Panamanian flag. The attempt completely failed with no damage, whatsoever, either to the ship or its cargo of containers. 

The situation was dealt with in a very decisive manner by the Egyptian armed forces, and the vessel resumed its trip safely to the port of destination, while Suez Canal navigation is back to normal and ship traffic is quite regular. 

On Sunday September 1, 2013, 51 vessels transited the Suez Canal in both directions. Meanwhile, the General Command of the Armed Forces called for intensifying security measures along the waterway as well as its approaches and inlets. It is worthy to note that the traffic is quite regular and the situation is as stable as normal. Admiral Mameesh is right now on board of MSC Busan that is transiting the Canal northbound. ” 

– Vessel movements as well as convoys proceed as scheduled while vessels calling Egyptian ports & terminals are conducting cargo operations regularly.

– Crew changes / parcels deliveries remain to be handled normally in ports of cities not subjected to the curfew, however, affected ports such as Alexandria and Suez will require crew changes to be executed within the stated curfew hours.

– All incoming/outgoing vessel-related bank transactions will be executed regularly.

– The number of vessels that have transited the SC today are 51 vessels (25 NB + 26 SB) with two of the largest vessels belonging to MSC and CMA CGM lines.

Source : Dominion Shipping Agencies (Egypt)