Chaplain Azarias

Chaplain Azarias

Maputo – Mozambique: I visited the Vessel Arrieta and met Captain Adilbeal Sapaco who was preparing to fly to the Philippines the next day. Although he was busy, he spent some good time talking to me. He said:

“I’m happy to meet you. I have been here in Maputo for a few days, today being my last in this port and God sent his servant to come and meet me. Could you please pray for me tomorrow as I am flying to my country because my first born daughter is graduating from school. May the Lord bless this special event. We prayed and he was grateful to the Sailors’ Society. Then I went on to meet some other crew.

Das christliche Hilfsschiff "Logos Hope" in Kiel von der Organisation "Operation Mobilisation". Gebaut 1973 als Autofähre Gustav Vasa in Rendsburg.

Das christliche Hilfsschiff “Logos Hope” in Kiel von der Organisation “Operation Mobilisation”. Gebaut 1973 als Autofähre Gustav Vasa in Rendsburg.

Logos Hope is a vessel made in Germany, with the largest floating bookshop in the world. In this vessel I did not meet the seafarers, but I had the opportunity to talk to about 20 for the 400 crew from 60 different countries.

On 1 March I did a presentation about the Sailors’ Society and the work I do in the Port as Chaplain. Being Christians they were amazed to know that there is work being done by Christians for seafarers. I bought some useful Christian literature on the vessel which will contribute to my knowledge for my work.