TIR GROUP IN LECTUREHeld at the Glenmore Pastoral Centre in Durban in April, we welcomed 18 delegates to the conference, which focused on Chaplains’ Training.

‘Dangers facing seafarers still include piracy in addition to various disasters at sea.’

Initially piracy attacks took place in the Gulf of Aden [Somalia coastline] but then extended to the Gulf of Guinea and into the Mozambique Channel which is now being patrolled by the South African Navy. With the threat of piracy getting closer to South Africa, the SA government has deployed a vessel to patrol the Mozambique Channel.

Counselling Skills Include Trauma Resonse

The Society’s response to the danger of piracy was to upgrade training to include specialised trauma response
skills for chaplains. [Critical Incidence Response and NPHRP courses]

Chaplains from ports in South Africa, Ghana, Madagascar, Mozambique and Reunion [10 from Sailors’ Society, 2 from Mission to Seamen, 4 from the Christian Seamen’s Organisation, one from the German Seamen’s Mission, and one from the Apostleship of the Sea] enrolled for a Traumatic Incident Reduction Course.

All passed the demanding course and we now are able to provide a network of care and support for piracy and other disaster victims. Through the Society’s international network, the families of the traumatized seafarers will be visited and cared for.

In the light of this ongoing situation increasing emphasis on trauma response is included in the Sailors’ Society’s future plans.