News on the Covid-19 pandemic has been the most prominent item since the first discovery of people who had become ill. People are understandably concerned about so much, their health and that of loved ones, their livelihoods, poverty, starvation, education, the economy….. the list goes on.

But there are also stories of great resilience where we devised ways of dealing with the situation. As they say “Nature abhors a vacuum” and those of us who were able, soon filled our time with activities; we cleaned cupboards and garages, those who had never baked, are baking everything from rusks to bread. The ‘mask industry’ has exploded! Those on the street corners now sell masks instead of peg bags and key rings.

All activities are on hold at present, but we look to the future with hope and are planning for our Share your Christmas with a Seafarer [SYCS] project.

Undaunted by the lockdown, the ladies at Flame Lily Park and Cowie’s Hill Rotary Club kept themselves busy and continued their knitting for seafarers. This week, Project Leader, Linda van Schalkwyk, received 32 mittens from Elaine de Jager (pictured) from the Rotary Club. Despite the situation, they turned problems into challenges. Well done ladies, we are so thankful and proud of you.

One of our other regular knitters, Sheila de Villiers, has also provided Sailors Society with mittens, scarves and beanies, all knitted during lockdown while she watched TV.  She was definitely not being a couch potato!

Our heartfelt thanks to all for the knitted items. Just think, you will be making life that bit more comfortable for seafarers for whom the pandemic was so destructive.

Thank you for reaching out.

For more information on Share your Christmas with a Seafarer please contact Linda van Schalkwyk