Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday 21 June and so Sailors Society is putting the spotlight on seafarers unable to reunite with their children due to COVID-19 and how we’ve been supporting them through these tough times.

Sailors Society UK has  produced a campaign page featuring seafarer Taylan who’s not been able to hold his newborn son yet and also a British seafarer assisted by Pauline Robertson.

“It’s a very hard time for us,” says Taylan, who is now off the coast of Algeria and hopes to get home in July.

“I’ve never stayed on board for nine months. I’m already very tired, physically and mentally. But my wife is more tired because of the baby and because of the environment, the virus, everything, she’s stressed, thinking too much, losing a lot of weight, and I’m thinking of them.”

Watch Taylan tell his story:

As you may know, 16 June was a deadline set by IMO for governments to enable crew changes to happen for those who are overdue contract ends. Unfortunately, this has not been met by all and so many seafarers are now facing many more months at sea. It also means others are unable to start their contracts and so have no income.

It is a sad, frustrating and dreadful situation and our support is more vital than ever, to see seafarers and their families through this crisis and beyond.