Dear Members, Bells

With Christmas close at hand, we write to wish you a very blessed and happy festive season; and we pray that Love, Joy and Peace will remain with you throughout the New Year.

At the recent Share Your Christmas with a Seafarer packing day, we were privileged to have some cards written/drawn by children from Chelsea School.  These are truly a priceless insight into the minds of young children – as in this one which read:

“To a Struggler.

Dear Seafarer,

My name is Keaton.   I’m sorry times are tough but you just got to hang on. Whoever you are I bet you are the #1 Sailor of all time.   I know at this point you are probably touched but I have one more thing to say – SHIVER ME TIMBGERS!

Kind regards,

Keaton        Sailors Rock          Especially YOU!       MAN THE  SAILS!”

Enjoy every minute of your time with friends and family – they are so very precious.

Society UK will be visiting us early in 2014 and we will hold our Dedication service to coincide with his arrival.

With every good wish,

Boet and the Board

Sailors’ Society Durban