Philippines emergency 1Super Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines when it hit on Friday night. The scale of the destruction is unbelievable – around 10,000 dead and hundreds of thousands more left without water, food or shelter.

Imagine being thousands of miles away when the storm hit. Imagine not knowing if your wife, your husband, your children or your parents made it out alive.

A huge majority of the world’s seafarers are Filipino, and had to face this nightmare. Stuck in foreign lands without communication facilities, many are still waiting to find out whether they will have a family and a home to go back to.

Sailors’ Society chaplains are already on the ground helping to connect Filipino seafarers to their loved ones back at home.  Ailton de Souza, our chaplain in Vitoria, Brazil, helped one crew to call home:

After I had managed to connect one seafarer with his wife back in the Philippines, he said that despite the fact he had lost his house, he felt better. He had learned that his wife and daughters were in a safe place. He said: “Lives are more important. As for the house, we can build another.”Philippines emergency 2

We are getting reports in from our Filipino chaplains of huge numbers of people in need of emergency welfare. Without your support we cannot provide the resources to get this seafaring community back up on its feet. They will need food, medical care, and somewhere to go. Sailors’ Society will be there to help those in dire need in the Philippines. Will you join us?

Please donate today to help us help the people of the Philippines in the wake of this disaster.

Text SAIL01 £10 to 70070 to donate to Sailors’ Society’s Typhoon Haiyan relief fund can make a difference today.