Here is story from Cape Town that is a spin-off from Typhoon Haiyan.

Steve van Schalkwyk  from the office in the Mothercity visited the seafarers on board the container ship  “Khota Lamir” registered in Singapore.

Their names are, left to right,  Mykeey Kala and Ryuuta Ren. They come from Luzon and Butuan in the Philippines .

Both have families back in the Philippines who have suffered loss during the recent storms. They know of folk who lost their lives but not closely related to them

Their families are safe and they have been in contact. They are adopting pretty much a “get on with life” attitude. Steve prayed with them, which they seemed to appreciate. There was no need for intervention.

Steve spoke to the Captain and he also seemed grateful that somebody cares for these seafarers at this time.