Book of Life

bookYou may ask  “What is a Book of Life”? Why should we have one?

Answer: To give us peace of mind.

If something happens to you, e.g. you have to be admitted to hospital, an unfortunate accident befalls you and you may be  unable to communicate.  Many of us have been in the unfortunate position of having been admitted to hospital, even for a minor procedure.

Details such as  ID numbers, names and contact details of next of kin, details of Medical Aid , medication, insurance companies and so on, are required. We scramble around to find numerous documents in various files to refer to.

Would your next of kin or friend know where to find these details if you are too ill to react – or unconscious?

Then of course there is death.  Not something we like talking about. It’s  a distressing situation as it is, but could be made so much easier for those left behind to access the information required.

The Book of Life could could give you peace of mind. It is an 18  page booklet which, when completed, contains all these details. It is a good idea to tell your next of kin, or a friend about it and where it can be found in your place of residence.

Contents comprises

  • Personal and medical details and history
  • Financial details
  • Property information
  • Personal preferences regarding funeral arrangements
  • Information required by the Executor

Good news is that these valuable booklets can be purchased by contacting Linda van Schalkwyk at the Sailors’ Society Office. (

Cost per booklet is  R75,00 (include R10 for postage within South Africa)

Peace of mind does not come cheaper than that.

Don’t delay, get one today.

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