Caring For Seafarers

The Sailors’ Society provides a personal lifeline for seafarers on board ship and when they step ashore. Our Chaplains – the very lifeblood of our charity – are at the core of our mission and ministry to merchant seafarers.

Existing to enrich and enhance the well-being of seafarers by visiting ships in port and providing Seafarers’ Clubs and Welfare Centres, we offer merchant seafarers practical help and welfare, pastoral and spiritual support, financial assistance and family liaison.

Ours is a compassionate and caring Christian ministry for merchant seafarers. Their work is demanding, tough and often dangerous. Life away at sea is constantly isolated from normal humanity and is lonely and forbidding. In our ecumenical mission to seafarers we strive to bring humanity to their lives and impart a real sense of belonging. Through service, example and word we seek to make Christ’s love for mankind real for all whom we meet in our work.

Our Chaplains visit hundreds of ships each year and are often the first to notice when all is not well on board. Reaching out to crew members of all ranks, without distinction for faith, denomination, ethnic background or nationality, our Chaplains extend the hand of Christian friendship, unconditionally greeting seafarers where they meet them.

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