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Beira Aid Relief Fund #CycloneIdai

The aftermath of the destruction wrought by Cyclone Idai is resulting in the worst humanitarian crisis in Mozambique’s recent history. As the Sailors Society are appealing to our loyal supporters to assist us in raising funds as we sent two Chaplains on Wednesday 27th March to assist in the area where inhabitants are in desperate need of basic supplies such as rice, maize and clean water. The International humanitarian network, on the ground in Mozambique is warning that the full…

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Suicide is a Major Cause of Seafarer Deaths

Suicide is a major killer of seafarers.  Because of long contracts, isolation and separation from family and loved ones, many seafarers fall prey to depression and hopelessness.This is a wake-up call. It was a shock to see it on my social media feed; the limp, lifeless body of a seafarer, his orange overalls stark against the white side of the ship he’d been working on before he hanged himself. I don’t know what that seafarer was facing in his life…

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Sailors’ Society Continues to help Families of Deceased Maradon Crew

Many may remember the shipping disaster which took place in July 2017 when the chokka fishing vessel, the Maredon capsized off St Francis Bay Of the 16 crew members, seven were rescued; five were missing for more than a week and four crew members were confirmed deceased. The Sailors’ Society Crisis Response Network under the coordination of Rev Boet van Schalkwyk and chaplains from Cape Town and Port Elizabeth counselled and debriefed survivors and families. Sailors’ Society, however, did not…

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