Is anyone listening to the World Maritime Day sermon?

When even divine intervention fails to move the dial on industry issues it’s time to take stock of the underlying problems that are hurting shipping’s prospects and undermining the progressive moves towards true sustainability Too often shipping remains out of sight, out of mind and in the shadows, while we impotently bemoan this sea blindness internally, too few of us are prepared to put our heads above the parapet and speak out. Let’s address the real issues this World Maritime…

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Sailors’ Society Backs UN’s Call to Avert Humanitarian Disaster for Seafarers

Statement from Sailors’ Society CEO Sara Baade: “We strongly support the UN’s call on governments to take action to avert a humanitarian disaster for seafarers. The joint statement, from several UN specialized agencies, identifies actions taken by many governments that limit or prevent ship operators from conducting crew changes during the global pandemic as ‘the single most pressing maritime operational challenge to the safe and efficient movement of global trade’. The UN has made a number of recommendations for specific actions…

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Seafarers Weekly – News and Views in the Time of the Coronavirus

Coronavirus is leaving seafarer stranded far from their families and many are struggling. The pandemic has caused lockdowns, delays in flights, shift chaos and contract insecurities. Sailors’ Society has launched a 24 hour helpline as well as a host of mental health resources to support struggling seafarers. Covid-19 Help and Support If you’re a seafarer and you’re worried about coronavirus, Sailors’ Society is here for you. You can find our resources to help you understand and respond to the virus…

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