Coronavirus Updates for Seafarers 17 March

Managing COVID-19 cases onboard Increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases are now reported in countries across all continents except Antarctica, and the rate of new cases outside of China has outpaced the rate in China. All ships undertaking international voyages, and particularly those calling at ports in affected areas, are advised to develop a written plan for disease outbreak management, preferable in close contact with a medical service supplier, covering issues such as: how to identify a suspected case of COVID-19;…

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Invitation to the International Sailors’ Society AGM

The Board of Directors of the INTERNATIONAL  SAILORS’  SOCIETY  SA take pleasure in inviting you to attend the ANNUAL  GENERAL  MEETING to be held in the Bayhead Mission on Sunday, 30th September, 2018, at 12h00 followed by a bring and braai lunch at 12h30. SVP:  Linda   031 301 4380  or   office@saiss.co.za     INTERNATIONAL SAILORS’ SOCIETY Southern Africa NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  Notice is hereby given that the 68th Annual General Meeting of the International Sailors’ Society Southern Africa…

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