Chaplains are often the links between Land and Sea for the Seafarer

Over many years the Sailors’ Society SA has established a reputation among seafarers, shipping companies and the maritime industry in general for its integrity and reliability. Seafarers confide in the chaplains and make extensive use of their services, which not only benefits them, but also their families, the ship owners and industries that transport their goods by sea.

They are responsible for:

Counselling and Spiritual Help
Chaplains have been trained to provide specific support and counselling to help seafarers cope with the high risk/stress environment in which they work. Bible studies, Chapel Services and Mass/Communion are provided both in the Mission and on board the ships.

Seafarers are provided with transport to the Mission, be it to phone home, consult the chaplain or to purchase and mail a gift for the family. This saves seafarers precious time, assists them in a strange environment. and from being over charged by unscrupulous traders.


SEAFARERS ARE WARMLY WELCOMED in our Mission Centres where they can enjoy a drink at a fair price, use the telephone / e mail, watch TV, enjoy karaoke, play pool or table tennis or visit the library and generally relax in a pleasant atmosphere.

Medical Assistance
From time-to-time sailors are airlifted ashore or left behind when their ship sails due to illness or injuries arising from accidents on board. In this strange environment with the usual language barrier, the only friend the seafarer often has is the Chaplain. The Chaplain closely monitors the process to repatriate seafarers back to their home country, so he is not just left to fend for himself

With the increasing number of stowaways coming ashore in South African ports, the ISSSA has extended its services to assist these people. This entails visiting the appropriate authorities to monitor the process of repatriation, providing them with basic hygiene needs and counselling the stowaways who are frequently traumatised from their experience

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