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Ensuring There’s No Stigma Around Mental Health

Seafarers’ mental health is by no means a new phenomenon. However, what is concerning to the maritime community, and beyond is that suicide rates among seafarers have more than tripled since 2014 (according to figures from the UK P&I Club). Suicide is now one of the most common causes of death at sea.

Mental health affects employees from all different industries and fields, and is certainly not isolated to seafarers. It is probably an accepted fact that the younger generation today spend longer periods of time on social media which can mean less physical interaction with friends and family. However the major difference for young seafarers is that they physically spend months, maybe years, away from home and away from friends and family who are their obvious support network. Read More

How to cope with stress and fatigue at sea

Shipowners’ Club in cooperation with ISWAN released an information booklet, aiming to support seafarers’ mental health. Namely, as the report says, managing stress and sleeping well at sea is an integral part of positive health and well-being on board. Read More

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