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Advanced Course for Chaplains

Chaplain Steve van Schalkwyk in Cape Town writes about the TIR [Trauma Incidence Reduction] and the [LSR Life Stress Reduction] Courses he and Rev Boet van Schalkwyk attended from 2 – 10 November 2016 in Cape Town. He reports that course participants gained a lot of new skills and practical experience – in between some fun and laughter – so necessary when work is so intense. “What struck me was that we all had a sincere desire in our hearts…

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Seafarer Rescued by S A Airforce Helicopter off Cape Town Coast

On Saturday, 2 May at 17h00, the NSRI ASR unit was placed on standby for a medevac of a 47yr old Indian male who had suffered a suspected heart attack in the early hours of Saturday morning. MRCC requested that the vessel, the 359m Ore China, which was on route to Brazil, proceed to a position closer to Cape Town, so that a medevac via helicopter could be effected at first light this morning. Due to fog, a SAAF Oryx…

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Cape Town News: Seafarers from the Philippines are Comforted

Here is story from Cape Town that is a spin-off from Typhoon Haiyan. Steve van Schalkwyk  from the office in the Mothercity visited the seafarers on board the container ship  “Khota Lamir” registered in Singapore. Their names are, left to right,  Mykeey Kala and Ryuuta Ren. They come from Luzon and Butuan in the Philippines . Both have families back in the Philippines who have suffered loss during the recent storms. They know of folk who lost their lives but…

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