How do our Chaplains meet Seafarers?

Sailors’ Society SA has stepped up its virtual support which the organisation has been offering since the lockdown situation. We are familiar with various methods of distance communication such as Skype, Zoom and the use of mobile phones for meetings and for communicating with family and friends who live in foreign countries. Virtual Contact has been with us for a long time, but never before has it been as valuable as it is now, especially to communicate with the thousands…

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Who Counsels the Counsellors?

By Yvonne de Kock ‘It’s still ‘lockdown’ as regards on board visits to vessels, missions and hospitals. But we’ve set up communications with them via website links for chats and devotions [even airtime renewal] we have the same communication capabilities with many vessels worldwide with 6 of us on a round the clock roster to assist captains and crews with care in these circumstances. We have now set up Skype and call-in lines with vessels worldwide with us covering Africa…

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Sailors’ Society SA Dedication Service on 27 January 2019

The Sailors’ Society SA welcomes all to their annual dedication service on 27 January 2019 which has become a highlight on the calendar of the Society. Chaplains as well as members of the Society re-dedicate themselves to continue serving seafarers and making their well-being our prime concern. We are privileged to have Mrs Sandra Welch, Deputy CEO of the Sailors’ Society’s Head Office in the UK, to lead the service.   Sandra also heads up the Society’s programme team, and has…

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