Seafarers Weekly – News and Views in the Time of the Coronavirus

Coronavirus is leaving seafarer stranded far from their families and many are struggling. The pandemic has caused lockdowns, delays in flights, shift chaos and contract insecurities. Sailors’ Society has launched a 24 hour helpline as well as a host of mental health resources to support struggling seafarers. Covid-19 Help and Support If you’re a seafarer and you’re worried about coronavirus, Sailors’ Society is here for you. You can find our resources to help you understand and respond to the virus…

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Sailors’ Society April 2020 Newsletter

Seafarers are often forgotten but they play a major role in trade between nations. They are far from home and loved ones, and can feel isolated resulting in depression. There have been distressing accounts of tourists having to remain on ships in ports, in hotels, in temporary shelters etc for long periods with no certainty  as to when they can return home. Imagine how this situation affects the seafarer Populations are in lockdown, but piracy attacks are not in lockdown.…

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Sailors’ Society SA introduces virtual seafarer support in response to Corona virus

The Sailors Society, South Africa is offering virtual chaplaincy to seafarers as it suspends its ships’ visits as a result of the Corona virus.   Based on the declaration of the pandemic as a National State of  Disaster in South Africa by the State President, and the  additional measures taken by the Transnet National Ports Authority in South Africa regarding restriction on vessels and their crews calling on South African ports, Sailors’ Society SA is offering virtual chaplaincy to seafarers…

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