Emergency Appeal

Sailors’ Society SA is a charity that has been helping seafarers for 200 years, by providing vital emotional and spiritual support to all seafarers in distress. At the moment, we are still in lockdown and we are unable to visit vessels, missions and hospitals; but communication channels have been set up by our international Crisis Response Centre worldwide via Skype and call-in lines for counselling and chats. We will be in communication with many vessels around all continents and six of…

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Sailors’ Society April 2020 Newsletter

Seafarers are often forgotten but they play a major role in trade between nations. They are far from home and loved ones, and can feel isolated resulting in depression. There have been distressing accounts of tourists having to remain on ships in ports, in hotels, in temporary shelters etc for long periods with no certainty  as to when they can return home. Imagine how this situation affects the seafarer Populations are in lockdown, but piracy attacks are not in lockdown.…

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Coronavirus Updates for Seafarers 17 March

Managing COVID-19 cases onboard Increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases are now reported in countries across all continents except Antarctica, and the rate of new cases outside of China has outpaced the rate in China. All ships undertaking international voyages, and particularly those calling at ports in affected areas, are advised to develop a written plan for disease outbreak management, preferable in close contact with a medical service supplier, covering issues such as: how to identify a suspected case of COVID-19;…

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