Hope for an Anxious Heart

If you or someone you love has ever battled with some form of anxiety, worry, or fear – you’re not alone, and you’re not forgotten. Over 280 million people currently struggle with some form of anxiety.† Even though these battles can feel overwhelming, God’s Word is filled with passages that offer hope. If you need encouragement, try one of our Featured Plans on Anxiety. Allow God to meet you and fill you with His peace. Read More If you would like…

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Mental Health at Sea – Dealing with Depression and Suicide

  WORKING at sea can be a lonely affair. Seafarers are often subjected to months away from home, friends and families in relative seclusion. It is perhaps unsurprising that in such an environment, issues of stress, anxiety and psychological trauma are commonplace. Indeed, the statistics are alarming. Research from Yale University and charity the Sailors’ Society in 2018 revealed that more than a quarter of seafarers suffered from depression, while a survey last year, conducted by Yale once more, in…

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Suicide is a Major Cause of Seafarer Deaths

Suicide is a major killer of seafarers.  Because of long contracts, isolation and separation from family and loved ones, many seafarers fall prey to depression and hopelessness.This is a wake-up call. It was a shock to see it on my social media feed; the limp, lifeless body of a seafarer, his orange overalls stark against the white side of the ship he’d been working on before he hanged himself. I don’t know what that seafarer was facing in his life…

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