Durban Port Chaplains

A Joyous Sea Sunday Celebrated in the Port of Durban

Sea Sunday in the Port of Durban is an annual celebration of the enduring and vital work of the Durban Port Chaplains. This year it was celebrated on 29 July 2018 The Sailors’ Society which is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year lead the Sea Sunday Celebrations in N-shed together the other faith based organization that work in the port. They were joined by the joyous voices of the Umlazi based St Augustine Anglican choir, The Army Band and a…

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Port Chaplains Step in to Help

A Taiwanese vessel, the Fuh No. 6 caught fire off the Madagascan coast and on 11 July the crew of 30 were rescued by two vessels, the SBI Antares and the Ever Diadem after the crew abandoned ship on two liferafts. They were brought to Durban. Two crew members were airlifted by helicopter to a local hospital.  One suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns and the other a knee injury. The rest of the crew were taken to various hotels…

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