Paul Richardson

Jesse Johns and Paul Richardson Board Largest Container Vessel

During the course of their work in doing good when they board ships and interface with seafarers, chaplains also get very fit in the process with all the steps they have to climb. However, recently Paul Richardson and Jessie Johns set  a record when the boarded the container vessel, MSC FILLIPPA, the largest container vessel to have entered the Port of Durban. The capacity of the ship is 13 400 containers, but Jessie and Paul were quick to add that…

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Durban’s Super Ship Visitors

The Sailors Society is very proud of Chaplain Paul Richardson and Ship Visitor Jessie Johns who regularly call on ships in the Port of Durban. Paul recently visited his 900th ship after six years of chaplaincy.  During that time he has encountered so many different circumstances the seafarers find themselves in and has felt privileged to help. Jessie started visiting ships in February 2014 and feels she has been calling on ships ‘forever’ and has also said she finds interfacing…

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