Appeal to Public: Share your Christmas with a Seafarer 2018

Let us now go to a very important project which can bring joy to seafarers who are alone. When one reads of the uncomplicated ways to solve stresses among children, we realise that there is so much we can do as well. And it can be so easy and fun! It’s never too early to collect items for this important project which has been going for about 30 years where gifts are distributed to seafarers on ships in port over…

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Sailors’ Society 200 Years Celebrations – Churches in Durban

The Sailors’ Society 200 Year Celebrations also took place at some churches. One of Sailors’ Society chaplains, Jessie John presented a very interesting and well received talk at the Lambert Road Baptist Church in Durban. She also organised a “200” cake which all enjoyed, especially the kiddies. Jessie also visited seafarers on board vessels in the Port of Durban. She handed out publications, stickers and information about the celebration at the Mission. Their vessels may have left port prior to…

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Sailors’ Society Celebrates 200 Years of Helping Seafarers and Their Families

The Durban Branch and Cape Town branches of the Sailors’ Society, Port Elizabeth and Coega as well as the MTS Mission in Richards Bay joined forces in South Africa to celebrate the 200th anniversary of this Society. In Durban a record number of 69 seafarers joined the celebrations and enjoyed a free drink, a meal and received a small gift. A great atmosphere prevailed amongst the international group representing Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, the Ukraine, Kenya, Japan and China.…

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