One Earth Future – Long Term Impact of Piracy on Seafarers and their Families

Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP), a program of the One Earth Future (OEF) Foundation focused on reducing violence at sea, has released a new report titled “After the Release: The Long-term Impact of Piracy on Seafarers and Their Families.” The report, developed in partnership with ISWAN/MPHRP and supported by the TK Foundation, documents significant negative long-term impacts to seafarers who have been taken hostage following an act of maritime piracy. Notably, seafarers who had been held hostage were nearly six times…

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Africa Ports Evolution at Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre

On 19 October 2006 Rev Johan (Boet) van Schalkwyk, CEO of the Sailors’ Society SA presented a talk on The Role of the Sailors’ Society in Modern day Seafaring. He spoke of: Making the wellbeing of seafarers our prime concern Crisis Response : Hope beyond crisis Turning isolation into belonging African Ports Evolution summit and expo has been fostering the interaction between government and the private sector to enhance intra-African and cross border trade, throughhinterland connectivity and trade corridors. With the…

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Sea Sunday Service in the Port Of Durban

This important service on the maritime calendar was once again celebrated in the heart of the Port of Durban at N Shed Passenger Terminal, Ocean Terminal on 24 July 2016. The reason for commemorating Sea Sunday is to pay tribute to those who work on ships, large or small, in ports and also those organisations who ensure safety at sea. Extremely cold weather with a wind blowing off the sea, this day also heralded  the start of heavy downpours causing…

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