“LOCKDOWN KNITTING” for Share your Christmas with a Seafarer

News on the Covid-19 pandemic has been the most prominent item since the first discovery of people who had become ill. People are understandably concerned about so much, their health and that of loved ones, their livelihoods, poverty, starvation, education, the economy….. the list goes on. But there are also stories of great resilience where we devised ways of dealing with the situation. As they say “Nature abhors a vacuum” and those of us who were able, soon filled our…

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Great Day Packing the Gifts

We had a good response to our call for packers for the Share your Christmas with a Seafarer project. Two teams comprising all the Missions worked feverishly to pack beanies, gloves, sweets and toiletries in over 1000 bags to be delivered to seafarers ensuring that they are not forgotten.  The pictures show the hard work and also fun!! Distribution in the port will be on 13 December and at outer anchorage on 23 December 2019.

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Share your Christmas with a Seafarer [SYCS] – Packing Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers who will help us for an hour to two (or three) on 26 November when we gather at the Bayhead Mission to pack to Christmas Gifts for the seafarers. This annual project which involves all the Missions has been in operation for over 30 years. The packed gifts are distributed to seafarers on ships in port over Christmas. Seafarers are far from home, away from their families and miss all the Christmas celebrations back home.…

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