Sailors Society is a personal lifeline for Seafarers
on board ship and when they step ashore in port


We all rely on seafarers. Seafarers rely on us

Did you know that more than 90% of commercial goods are carried by sea?

You and I are dependent on seafarers to live our everyday lives!

Seafarers make the world go round

What We Do

Sailors’ Society is a Christian- based Non-Profit Organisation reaching out to seafarers of all ranks, faiths, denominations, genders, ethnic backgrounds and nationalities in South African Ports by:


  • Visiting crew on merchant ships for friendly interaction, spiritual support andassistance where possible
  • Providing trauma counselling when needed
  • Assisting piracy victims and their families
  • Supporting seafarers in hospital or prison
  • Comforting the bereaved
  • Providing humanitarian aid for seafarers during disasters and abandonment

Why Care?

Seafarers’ have one of the toughest jobs in the world …

Contracts can require them spending up to nine months at sea, being subjected to loneliness, isolation and extreme environmental conditions.

Seafarers are a vulnerable group …

Often victim to piracy attacks, ship abandonments and human rights abuses. The seafarers’ population has a high prevalence of depression and anxiety, and suicide is considered one of the main causes of death within the industry.

Invitation to Seafarers

If you are a seafarer in a South African port and looking for assistance or just someone to talk to, you have come to the right place