whitecrossMay we remind you all of the Annual Sea Sunday Service which will be held at the Bayhead Mission, Durban on Sunday 13 July 2014 at 11H00.

This interdenominational service has been commemorated internationally on the second Sunday in July since 1946 and aims at promoting awareness of the challenges faced by seafarers, those who work in the ports, as well as those devoted men and women who do duty in rescue operations amongst the maritime community.

The maritime profession, whether it entails working on vessels as they cross the oceans, or working in ports, at sea or on shore must be one of the most demanding and often dangerous professions, particularly bearing in mind the tragedy of piracy attacks. This commemoration is therefore very apt. The service will be organised by the Sailors’ Society and Durban Port Chaplains Fraternal. The following organisations are represented,   Sailors Society, Mission to Seamen, Apostleship of the

Sea, Biblia, the German, Korean and Chinese Missions as well as the Christelike Seemansorganisasie.

After the service tea will be served – All are welcome.

For more information, please contact the Sailors’ Society office and speak to Linda on 031 3014380