Seafarers Must Adapt to the Rapid Evolution of Piracy

By Francois Morizur In two recent articles, Sea Piracy in 2025: Piracy 2.0? and Countering Gulf of Guinea Piracy Towards 2025 I tried to map out the possible evolution of piracy within Gulf of Guinea until 2025. Then I analyzed the different possible actions to reduce this threat. This analysis cannot be complete without integrating the main actor, the seafarer. This third article therefore concerns the how seafarers must adapt to the rapid evolution of pirate activities. It’s noticeable that this domain for seafarers…

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One Earth Future – Long Term Impact of Piracy on Seafarers and their Families

Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP), a program of the One Earth Future (OEF) Foundation focused on reducing violence at sea, has released a new report titled “After the Release: The Long-term Impact of Piracy on Seafarers and Their Families.” The report, developed in partnership with ISWAN/MPHRP and supported by the TK Foundation, documents significant negative long-term impacts to seafarers who have been taken hostage following an act of maritime piracy. Notably, seafarers who had been held hostage were nearly six times…

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Articles from International Maritime Health

International Maritime Health  is the international multidisciplinary journal devoted to research and practice in the field of maritime medicine, travel and tropical medicine, hyperbaric and underwater medicine sea-rescue, port hygienic and sanitary problems.  Official quarterly of the Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia, issued since 1949. The journal is published four times a year, Psychological consequences in victims of maritime piracy: the Italian experience Maritime piracy is a worrying phenomenon. Its recurrence in the last few years is causing…

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