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Is anyone listening to the World Maritime Day sermon?

When even divine intervention fails to move the dial on industry issues it’s time to take stock of the underlying problems that are hurting shipping’s prospects and undermining the progressive moves towards true sustainability Too often shipping remains out of sight, out of mind and in the shadows, while we impotently bemoan this sea blindness internally, too few of us are prepared to put our heads above the parapet and speak out. Let’s address the real issues this World Maritime…

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COVID-19 and Seafarers Latest News

Sharp rise in seafarers failing UK medicals due to mental health conditions Maritime medics have raised concerns over a marked increase in the number of seafarers failing UK medical examinations as a result of mental health issues. Commenting on the annual analysis of medical examinations conducted by approved doctors, published by the Department for Transport, chief medical advisor Dr Sally Bell noted there has been a ‘steady and significant rise’ in both the major and minor mental disorders identified during…

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Spreading the Sailors’ Society Word

At the well-attended April meeting of the Durban branch of the World Ship Society, Rev Van Schalkwyk addressed the audience on “Current movements in the piracy threat, and the Crisis Response Centre” which also included Trauma counselling . By way of introduction he showed a short DVD on the background of the Sailors’ Society, after which Rev Van Schalkwyk emphasised the dire situations in which victims of piracy find themselves. Drawing attention to the upsurge of hijackings of vessels in…

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