The role of transport and logistics has become increasingly important to accelerate the growth of Namibia’s economy and with the rapid growth in cargo volumes along the Walvis Bay corridors through the port of Walvis Bay and the benefits that the trade routes have to offer, Walvis Bay has been identified to become the logistics hub for Southern Africa.

The port of Walvis Bay, with its deep water depth and stable weather conditions, is strategically located to accelerate the growth of the SADC region as a whole by providing a good option of gateway for Southern Africa, hence costs and time savings are achieved along the Walvis Bay corridors by offering the shortest possible regional route on the west coast.  In terms of Namibia’s strategic plan, the National Development Plan 4 (NDP4) has made provision for the development of a logistics hub, hence the NDP4 has prioritised the creation of a logistics hub in Namibia with the aim to make the Walvis Bay corridors through the Port of Walvis Bay the preferred trade route in Southern Africa.

With the transport corridors fully established, it is now ready to be developed into economic development corridors that are ultimately a network of supply and distribution depots. Economic development in Southern African countries has accelerated.  The exports of mineral resources such as copper and coal from Zambia, the DRC and Botswana are achieving economic development that will have resulted in the increase in demand in consumer goods, through logistics.

Ultimately, the development of the port of Walvis Bay and the Walvis Bay corridors is clearly an advantage to accelerate growth for Namibia and the SADC region by offering Southern Africa an alternative gateway.

The Logistics Hub concept forms part of the greater efforts of the Walvis Bay Corridor Group to develop the Walvis Bay corridors as the preferred trade route for Southern Africa.

Source : Dredging News Online