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Coronavirus Updates for Seafarers

Image: CDC/Alissa Eckert There is so much information and disinformation spinning around the world about the Coronavirus pandemic. Here are a few informative stories for our seafarers and maritime community. Most important – protect yourselves and others. iCALL Helping Increasing Numbers Of Seafarers Deal With Coronavirus Concerns A first year report into the counselling conducted by iCALL for Seafarers found that the top three mental challenges seafarers and their families raise with counsellors relate to emotional distress, relationship issues and…

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Welfare to well-being – a changing emphasis in service to seafarers

Dr. Jason Zuidema Executive Director, NAMMA General Secretary, ICMA My seafarers’ welfare journey started more than 20 years ago as a ship visitor at the seafarers’ centre in Montreal, Canada. Like most centres around the world, we provided transportation, communication services, a friendly space to relax, and a wide range of religious and social services on request. It was – and is – really enjoyable work. You never know what kinds of special requests or questions you might get as…

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Suicide is a Major Cause of Seafarer Deaths

Suicide is a major killer of seafarers.  Because of long contracts, isolation and separation from family and loved ones, many seafarers fall prey to depression and hopelessness.This is a wake-up call. It was a shock to see it on my social media feed; the limp, lifeless body of a seafarer, his orange overalls stark against the white side of the ship he’d been working on before he hanged himself. I don’t know what that seafarer was facing in his life…

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